Europe and the new Scramble for Africa

22 oktober, 2009 - kl. 18:30 till 20:30

 After almost two years in the life-span of Joint Africa-EU Strategy and just one year away from the third Africa-EU Summit  it  is time to take stock of the progress .

Have the joint grand ambitions been translated into strong institutions, capacities and resources that are able to generate concrete results for Africa? 

What has happened? What is in the pipeline?

Join the good discussion between:
• Geert Laporte,  European Centre for Development Policy Management
• Representatives from EU and AU
• and Lennart Wohlgemuth, board member of Swedish Development Forum (FUF – Föreningen för Utvecklingsfrågor). 

 Venue:  Klara Konferens, Vattugatan 6, Stockholm

Free entry for FUF members, Others: 50 kronor, Students: 20 kronor

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