Africa’s Informal Workers: Collective Agency, Alliances and Transnational Organizing in Urban Africa

25 oktober, 2010 - kl. 15:15 till 17:15

The Nordic Africa Institute, Föreningen för Utvecklingsfrågor and Kulturgeografiska institutionen/ Stockholms universitet jointly invite you to a:

Book launch – Africa’s Informal Workers

Speakers: Michal Lyons, London South Bank University; Björn Beckman, Stockholm University; Ilda Lindell, Stockholm University/The Nordic Africa Institute.

Chair: Jenny Cadstedt, Stockholm University/The Nordic Africa Institute.

Informal ways of earning a living are widespread in many cities of the Global South. Yet, informality is rarely considered as an integral part of the city and is more frequently viewed as an abnormal form of urbanization. Disadvantaged groups in the informal economy are often treated as pathological elements that do not belong in the ‘modern city’. Criminalizing state discourses represent them as a threat to public health and public order. Government authorities often resort to restrictive and repressive measures in their attempts at restoring urban order and at governing the ‘unruly’.

Far from passive, informal workers engage in a range of associations that increasingly challenge repressive actions, contest state discourses and assert the legitimacy of their work.  The book “Africa’s Informal Workers: Collective Agency, Alliances and Transnational Organizing in Urban Africa” presents contrasting perspectives and experiences on these issues, with relevance for wider debates on urban informality in the Global South.

Refreshments will be served

All interested are welcome!

Venue: DeGeer auditorium, Geovetenskapens hus, Svante Arrhenius väg 12, Frescati (Stockholm University). DeGeer auditorium is located in the green buildings on the left of the subway exit.

For further information, please see attached file Book Launch – Africas Informal Workers

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