The Global Economic Crisis and Developing Countries

23 november, 2010 - kl. 12:00 till 13:30

FUF och Forum Syd bjuder in till ett lunchseminarium med Richard King och Stefan de Vylder

The international NGO Oxfam recently published a report about the consequences of the financial crisis for poor people in a number of developing countries.

Although the global economic crisis hit the poor countries hard, remarkable resilience was shown and many governments used different policies and large rescue packages, partly directed to stimulate domestic demands. The report shows what worked and how global policies could be shaped to support coping mechanisms. Have the lessons been learned and policies changed?

In the aftermath of the financial crisis several tendencies indicate a continued growing importance of the South and East, at the expense of the OECD countries. The centre of global political power has moved from G7/8 to G20, representing 85% of the world economy. Are we about to see a real shift in power between North and South? Did the financial crisis actually accelerate this process?

The report will be presented by one of its authors, Richard King, to be followed by a discussion with Stefan de Vylder about the effects of the financial crisis and what lessons that can be learned.
Forum Syd bjuder på kaffe och smörgås.

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