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Praktikarbetsplatsens hemsida:

När och omfattning:

Våren 2012

Info om praktikarbetsplatsen:

Research Policy Institute (Forskningspolitiska institutet) is a interdisciplinary research unit located at Lund University’s Business School. Our main areas of research and education include research evaluation, university organisation and strategy, business and national intelligence systems.

When? For how long? Scope?

Start January 2012. Part time during the spring semester.


We are looking for a highly motivated person to work with an international project that is a cooperation between FPI and the OECD. The tasks include assisting with organising an international conference and working with liasing between the project in Lund and the OECD.

Desirable skills/experiences

Good communication skills oral and written. Ability to work independently. Experience of planning events such as workshops or conferences preferred but not decisive. Good organisation skills


Fluency in English, written and spoken. Ability to understand and communicate in Swedish

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