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Are you a young professional, specialized in one of these three areas, and burning to work with development and to do something meaningful? Are you also looking for practical experience and would like to help develop a new organization on a volunteer basis, then, this might be something for you.

Rio Monte is seeking three volunteers with background in:

–       Marketing/ Communication/ Social Media,

–       Business/ Corporate Social Responsibility and

–       Environment.

Rio Monte supports corporations, and stimulates and enables citizens to play a strategic role in combating poverty. We do that by providing easy access to orientation and information and opportunities to take action.

Business is playing an increasing role in society having a direct effect on wealth creation and distribution as well as the environment.  This increases the need for business to be ethical and to integrate social responsibility as part of their business.

Citizens as customers, employees and investors can play a critical role recognizing and requesting good business. Social media and global communication open fantastic possibilities for citizens to play an active role in development.

Rio Monte is developing a FORUM to build partnerships for joint initiatives/action.

The FORUM*) is a space to:

–       exchange experience of individuals and business in combating poverty and promoting responsible business (South-North, North-North and South- South),

–       build groups and interact with networks of world experts in social development.

Examples of topics for the FORUM:
– Sustainable Business  Group: CSR and the supply chain, the Bangladesh experience. Corporate Volunteering. Social entrepreneurs. The rain forest and palm oil.

– Development Group : MDGs until and post 2015, role of corporations and individuals.

With corporations we also support partnerships for policy development, prepare social analysis and hold workshops and seminars on challenges and opportunities related to social development in their areas of operation.

Read more about Rio Monte at

When? For how long? Extent?

Now. From a semester up to a year, depending on your availability. Part time, to be agreed.


What does it consist of?

Practical hands on contributions to the development of the organisation and its program. Guidance and support is based on background, experience and desire of the volunteer.

We are seeking collaborators/volunteers with experience in one or more of the following areas:


Marketing, Communication, Social Media to:

-participate in the development and implementation of the marketing and a mobilization strategy for Rio Monte.

-improve and oversee facebook, twitter and pinterest for Rio Monte.

-review search optimization and visitors frequencies


Environment to:

-identify critical issues related to the themes in the FORUM, identify specialists/ bloggers to invite and suggest new themes

-make research on palm oil, certification and implications for the rain forests in Malaysia, Indonesia and Colombia, identify main websites on the topic

-follow labeling, especially garment initiatives

-follow cultivation of fish/shrimp and certification, list and classify main websites.



Practical experience or advanced studies in one of the three areas requested. Highly committed to sustainable development and poverty reduction, practical, result oriented.

Good writing skills. Excellent English, written and spoken. The work is mainly web based with skype and a few direct meetings. Despite that we work as a team.


Additional information

Rio Monte is being developed. It is a small organization, with an extensive network of social development experts.



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