Reach for Change (praktikplats)


Stockholm, Sverige

Praktikarbetsplatsens hemsida:

När och omfattning:

Vårterminen 2015 - en termin, heltid

Info om praktikarbetsplatsen:

Reach for Change identifies and supports Change Leaders – exceptional individuals who have a strong desire to promote children’s rights, an innovative idea to change the world for children, and the passion and the drive to create this change. They are given salary funding and coaching in our Incubator program, and are matched with advisors and experts from a network of companies within the Kinnevik Group. Reach for Change is a non-profit organization co-founded by the Kinnevik Group and Sara Damber. We are active in 9 different countries and expanding into 8 more in 2014. In 2013 we supported and improved the lives for over 1 million children!

Vad innebär praktiken?

As Program Intern at Reach for Change you are actively involved in the daily work of the organization. Your task is to support our many programs with a special focus on the Swedish incubator. During your internship you’ll gain insight and knowledge about the non- profit social sector as well as the business sector and the benefits of combining the two. You will get opportunities to meet with lots of inspiring and innovative people with ideas and the driving force to make the world better for children all around the world. You’ll take ownership over your own projects (previous projects have included planning a legal advising event for our Change Leaders) as well as providing all types of support which is crucial to making the incubator program run including logistics, event planning and research.

You’ll learn from our team and from our change leaders about what it takes to create a better world for children, and importantly you’ll get a real chance to contribute to that change yourself.

När? Hur länge? Omfattning?

Vårterminen 2015. En termin. Heltid.

Önskvärd kompetens/erfarenheter

– An entrepreneurial, problem-solving go-getter with a passion for making the world a better place for children.

– You don’t hesitate to take the initiative in being proactive and like having many different projects to juggle at the same time.

– You are connected to a University where the internship is part of your education plan. This is an unpaid position, however it ?s very important to us that you are receiving funds from a third party (CSN or other source of income).

– You will have great proficiency in English – the language we use for most of our communication.

– You have a strong commitment when it comes to children ?s rights issues and social entrepreneurship.

Meriterande kompetens/erfarenheter

We imagine that you are a student or graduate of political science; communications; international relations; development studies; human rights or similar. Although this is not a requirement, you may certainly come from a different field of study, either on Bachelor’s or Master’s level as long as you have the drive and passion we are looking for.

Experience in planning events and coordinating logistics.

Experience in basic design work; familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and Indesign is a bonus.

Övrig information

Contact person regarding questions about Reach for Change and the internship position: Alex Budak, Country Manager, alex.budak(a)

Contact person regarding FUF and the Internship Program: Annika Burström praktik(a)

The intern shall be enrolled in an internship course offered by a Swedish university and be eligible to receive credits (ECTS) for the internship. The intern should be insured through the university.

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