International IDEA – Global Programs/Democracy and Development Team (praktikplats)


Stockholm, Sverige

Praktikarbetsplatsens hemsida:

När och omfattning:

Vårterminen 2016 - en termin, heltid

Info om praktikarbetsplatsen:

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is an intergovernmental organization that supports sustainable democracy worldwide.

International IDEA’s mission is to support sustainable democratic change by providing comparative knowledge, and assisting in democratic reform, and influencing policies and politics. International IDEA’s Democracy and Development Program is committed to promoting global policy discussions, knowledge and practical tools to strengthen political institutions and actors. These help to deliver on development, and to promote democracy building in international development efforts.

International IDEA’s engagement in Democracy and Development contributes to the achievement of the following institutional objectives:

– Stronger democratic institutions and processes; and
– More sustainable, effective and legitimate democracy

– by supporting political actors, institutions and people’s capacities for democratic participation and representation, effective oversight, and democratic accountability, primarily through knowledge production at the global level, and dialogues and support to reform efforts at regional and country levels; and

– by advocating for a place for democracy in the development agenda, primarily calling on IDEA’s knowledge production and dialogues at regional and global levels, and based on experience generated at country level.

The team current work on five projects under three work streams:

1. Representation that matters: Accountable Political Executives; Programmatic Parties
2. Democracy that Delivers: Democratic Accountability in Service Delivery; Development, Natural Resources, and Democracy
3. Democracy in the Development Agenda

Internship assignment (work tasks)

As an intern with International IDEA’s Democracy and Development Team, you would get to try a range of different tasks:

– To provide general support in knowledge production within the team’s projects, such as drafting abstracts based on case studies, assist in minor research assignments such as literature reviews

– To provide general support in advocacy related activities pertaining to the team’s projects, including the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development

– Support the team in the conceptualization and drafting of concept notes and background notes for the team´s activities

– To collect data to fill gaps of emerging publications or advocacy initiatives of the team

– To assist in preparing, running, and following up on meetings and events organized by the team Competence development will be offered through internal seminars and training sessions

Length and scope of the internship

Spring semester 2016. Entire semester. Full time.

Desirable skills/experience

– Pursuing a degree in Social Sciences (political science, political economy, political anthropology, sociology, development studies, and so on) preferrably at Master’s level

– Strong analytical, writing and problem-solving skills

– Strong ability to assess, manage and structure information

– Ability to appreciate diversity and work as part of a team in such an environment

– Knowledge of Microsoft Office package

– Fluent English required (reading, drafting, and presentation skills)

Merit skills/experience

– Spanish or French language skills

– Social media skills

Other information

The intern must be enrolled in an internship course offered by a Swedish university and be eligible to receive credits (ECTS) for the internship. The intern must be insured through the university.

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