The Nordic Africa Institute – Research unit (praktikplats)


Uppsala, Sverige

Praktikarbetsplatsens hemsida:

När och omfattning:

Höstterminen 2017 - en termin, heltid

Info om praktikarbetsplatsen:

The Nordic Africa Institute is a research institution tasked to undertake and encourage studies on contemporary Africa or Africa-related issues by scholars in mainly the Nordic and African countries.

The multi-disciplinary focus of its research agenda addresses topical issues within the social sciences. With its research activities pursuing close interaction between Nordic and African scholars, the Institute seeks to enhance international collaboration and aims to contribute towards and stimulate academic as well as informed public debate.

The Nordic Africa Institute is jointly financed by the Nordic countries Sweden, Finland and Iceland, but is formally a Swedish public authority.

Internship assignment (work tasks)

– Overview of Africa related research and courses in the Nordic countries;
– Roadmap for information flows between those engaged with research on Africa;
– Platform for collaboration within the Nordic countries and between Nordic and African researchers and institutions;
– Tool for engaging researchers.

Task 50%
Finalise the data register of research related to Africa in the Nordic countries, initiated during the spring semester 2017 at the Nordic Africa Institute including three different main sources: data related to research applications, data related to university departments/institutes and data related to doctoral thesis produced during the period 2008 – 2017 ;
Finalise the register on courses in African studies given at Nordic universities/research institutes. From 7,5 courses, to programs on undergraduate and master level;
Finalise the data register on Africa related associations, network and activities at various universities (Africa Networks, African Students associations, Africa Filmclubs etc.);
Finalise the list of institutional agreements of collaboration between Nordic and African Universities;

Digitise the registers as listed above.

Updating the information about the research at the Institute and provide statistics on the research.

Support to the Research unit.

Length and scope of the internship

Fall semester 2017. Entire semester. Full time.

Desirable skills/experience

– Studies in the field of social sciences, preferably at master level
( economics, political science, African studies, global studies, statistics, cultural geography, social anthropology etc.)

– Previous experience of working with data registers
– Experience of writing academic reports
– Knowledge in Excel

Merit skills/experience

– Previous work at or with Nordic research institutes or Nordic universities (other than Sweden)

– Knowledge in more than one Nordic language (Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish)

Övrig information

This project has a Steering group consisting of Carin Norberg, NARN Chair, Annika Teppo NARN/Uppsala University and Jonas Ewald NARN/Linné University.

This internship is part of FUFs Internship Program. This means that alongside the internship, the intern is also going to attend various courses and seminars including a preparatory course, networking events and career tips. Learn more about the Internship Program HERE.

The intern must be enrolled in an internship course offered by a Swedish university and be eligible to receive credits (ECTS) for the internship. The intern must also be insured through the university. 

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