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FUF-fåtölj 18/12: Kvinnor, fred och säkerhet – i verkligheten

Foto: Gary Knight

FN:s säkerhetsråd antog under hösten 2000 den banbrytande resolutionen 1325 om kvinnor, fred och säkerhet. Resolutionen visade på konflikters olika effekter på kvinnor och behovet av att inkludera kvinnor i säkerhetsarbete för att hållbart bygga fred. Trots att resolutionen ökat medvetenheten och ifrågasatt normerna för traditionellt fredsbyggande kvarstår mycket av problematiken.

På 17-årsdagen av resolutionen […]

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Seminar 14/12: By Peaceful Means – Supporting Conflict Resolution in Syria and Kashmir

Peace signFoto: Caitlin Regan, Flickr

There is a wealth of knowledge about how states, organizations and individuals can contribute to conflict resolution without military means. Dialogue is one important tool for resolving and preventing violent conflicts. But how does it work in practice?

Andrew Ladley, Senior Advisor at the Centre for Humanitarian […]

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FUF-fåtölj 28/11: India in transformation – improved rights but increased inequalities

Photo: Paul Simpson, Flickr

India is in a period of transformation and evolving cultural values. There is a split between the young urban community and the traditional rural community. The fragmented cultural values have resulted in widespread violence within the society.
In December 2012, several men brutally raped a […]

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Seminar 30/11: Reform of the UN and the UN in the Age of Trump

The UN in the age of Trump is increasingly challenged. Due to this development, and other changes in motion, there is also talk of necessary reform. These topics will be discussed by Thomas G. Weiss and Stephen Browne in a seminar jointly arranged by the Swedish Development Forum (FUF) and the UN Association of Sweden (Svenska FN-förbundet).

Professor Weiss and Mr. Browne are Co-Directors of the Future United Nations Development System Project […]

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FUF-fåtölj 23/11: Security and Migration – Dimensions of Climate Change

Sharon Mollerus, Flickr

Climate change is increasingly viewed as one of the greatest challenges to international security. Around the planet, climate change threatens livelihoods and food security, and the worst affected are people already living in precarious conditions. As a consequence, climate change has also become one of the main causes […]

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