Film screening: From Namibia with Love

15 april, 2013 - kl. 18:00 till 20:00

FUF and The Namibia Society in Sweden present

From Namibia with Love” with director Laura Meriläinen-Amaumo

Anita and Salatiel meet in the 1960s and start in the 1970s to help the Namibian liberation movement, SWAPO, which was fighting the South African apartheid regime. Anita and Salatiel fight for human rights, but get into an infected conflict with the SWAPO leadership and are forced to flee. In 1990 Namibia gain independence and the couple can return. But they are now being labelled as traitors. Still 30 years later they carry the burden of the past.

The film’s charismatic main character is Anita Ailonga a former missionary from Finland, who met her husband Salatiel Ailonga, theologian from Namibia, in Tanzania.

The couple, deeply devoted to the Namibian liberation movement’s cause, assisted SWAPO’s liberation fighters and the Namibian refugees living in exile in Zambia by giving them humanitarian aid. But in SWAPO’s camp Anita and Salatiel saw things they did not approve of and took action;  they spoke and acted against the human rights violations they had witnessed. As a result they were deported.

After Namibia’s independence in 1990, Anita and Salatiel returned to live in Namibia where they have struggled against accusations of being traitors and spies, to find their place in the community.

The film has been screened in Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Finland and is now screened in Sweden for the first time.

After the screening you will hade the possibility to ask question and discuss with director Laura Meriläinen-Amaumo, Henning Melber, Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, who joined SWAPO in 1974, Keshii Nathanael, The Namibia Society in Sweden and a founder of SWAPO Youth League, and Sten Rylander, author and former Ambassador of Sweden to Namibia.

The film has English subtitles and the discussions will be held in English.

Film:  ”From Namibia with Love” 59 minutes (2011)

Date: Monday 15 April 2013

Time: 18.00- approx. 20.00

Place: Kafé Klavér, Rutger Fuchsgatan 5, (T-bana Skanstull)

The screening is free, but please click HERE to sign up!

Food and drinks can be bought in the café before or after the film screening

Read more about FUF HERE and about the film HERE!

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