Seminarium 13/11: Conflict, Natural Resources and Food Security

13 november, 2015 - kl. 11:00 till 13:00

FUF och SIANI bjuder in till seminariet

Conflict, Natural Resources and Food Security


People in countries suffering from poverty, unequal distribution of resources and conflicts are particularly vulnerable to low food security. Population growth, climate change, reduced freshwater resources and crop losses are examples of challenges for food production. This has implications for food security in the world and can also worsen existing conflicts. Further more, access to, and distribution of, food is often limited in conflict situations. Examples of this can be seen in Syria and Palestine.

How can these issues be handled? Can conflicts related to food security be prevented? What can be learnt from the past? Lennart Båge will give a brief introduction on the complexity of food security, Helena Lindholm will speak of the situation in Syria and Palestine and Ngolia Kimanzu will provide practical examples from different parts of the world.


Lennart Båge, Former President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Helena Lindholm, Professor, Peace and Development Research, University of Gothenburg
Ngolia Kimanzu, Community Development Advisor, International Development, The Salvation Army
Melinda Fones Sundell,
Senior Advisor SIANI (moderator)

November 13, 11.00 am-1.00 pm
(Lunch sandwich is served from 11.00 am, the seminar starts at 11.20 am).
Where: Postmuseum in room: ”Brevlådan”, Lilla Nygatan 6 Stockholm (Subway: Gamla stan)
How: Sign up HERE

Vegetarian lunch sandwich is served.

Most welcome!


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