Fördjupningssamtal 7/12: Conflict, Natural Resources and Food Security – focus: the African and European Unions

7 december, 2015 - kl. 18:00 till 19:30

Conflict, Natural Resources and Food Security
– focus: the African and European Unions

Food insecurity affects over 1 billion people worldwide. People in countries suffering from poverty, unequal distribution of resources and conflicts are particularly vulnerable. While Africa holds the potential to become a major food basket for the world, the continent is a net food importer that cannot feed its own people. At the same time, sustainable and inclusive growth, effective international cooperation and political stability are all at risk in a world of pervasive food insecurity.

During a FUF-seminar in November, we discussed food insecurity as both cause and consequence of conflicts. On December 7, we welcome Francesco Rampa, head of Food Security Programme at the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), to deepen the discussion with a focus on African and European policy frameworks.

What are the challenges and opportunities in connecting peace and security policies and food security policies? And moving from policy to practice – how can the programming and implementation of conflict interventions and food security initiatives be synergized?

Drinks and snacks will be served.

When: December 7th, 18.00-19.30
Where: FUF’s office, Karlbergsvägen 66 A, Stockholm
How: Sign up HERE!

Detta seminarium är en del av FUF:s informations- och debattprojekt om fred och säkerhet. Vi livesänder seminariet på youtube.com/fufplay. Du kan också titta på det i efterhand och ge dig in i debatten om fred och säkerhet på biståndsdebatten.se/fredsakerhet2015. Där hittar du seminariefilmen och exklusiva debattinlägg.

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