Breakfast seminar 25/10: Demilitarizing gender and development

25 oktober, 2017 - kl. 08:00 till 09:30

To talk about militarism, one can’t just talk about the institution of the military. Militarization is mainly about ideas, and amongst the most commonly militarized ideas is the idea of the natural protector. Whoever is deemed the natural protector is thought to be the most intelligent and the most involved in civic affairs, because the protected is by definition somebody who doesn’t know as much about the wider world.

In most societies, the natural protector is pressumed to be male and masculine. Militarization is the adoption of ideas about privileged masculinity, and it has ripple effects deep into development. It affects who is thought to be the real farmer, who is thought to be the most important voter and who is thought to be a key participant in a development project.

In what ways are ideas of gender and development militarized? How can we demilitarize international development cooperation?

FUF welcomes Cynthia Enloe ­– feminist writer, theorist, and professor – to FUF-fåtöljen. Enloe is best known for her work on gender and militarism and for her contributions to the field of feminist international relations. Gabriella Irsten (FUF) will moderate the seminar.

WHEN? Wednesday October 25th, 08.00-09.30
WHERE? FUF’s office, Karlbergsvägen 66A, Stockholm
HOW? Register HERE

Breakfast will be served.
Most welcome!

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