About FUF:s Internship Program


FUF started the internship service due to that there is a great demand from students to get valuable insight in how development organisations work and get experience and contacts for the future. Organisations get an insight in students’ situation and the knowledge of how young people see the organisation and its activities. In that way, the internships favour both parties. We consider this to be a central part of FUFs long-term goal; to contribute to in-depth knowledge about development issues and an increased engagement for a fair and sustainable world.

FUF has been offering internships to students since 1986. First on a small scale but now the service encompasses about 70 positions each year at organisations, authorities and institutions in Sweden. Every semester around 150 students from universities all around Sweden apply for the internships.

Who can apply?

To apply for an internship through FUF you should be:

– Enrolled in a Swedish university or college.

– Enrolled in a specific internship course offered by most universities in Sweden (and are often included in bachelor and master programs)

– Interested in global issues/development issues, reflected in studies, voluntary work or similar.

– Member of the Swedish Development Forum (FUF). The annual fee for students is 150 SEK. The membership fee is deposited in bank giro 702-4532. We need your name and email address on the payment. If you pay over the Internet, type your name and email in the notification area or email us (fuf@fuf.se) your contact information if it does not fit. Applications from those who are not members will not be processed.

Applications must include:

1. Completed application form (online – see below).

Applications in which the form is not fully completed will not be considered. The online form will never be forwarded to the internship workplace but is used by FUF in the selection process.

2. Attached certificate of completed courses that clearly states which courses and how many credits (ECTS) you passed. Attach only other relevant certificates. Do not include essays and the like, but please mention, for example your resume, that you wrote them and the title-content-amount of points.

3. CV or resume.

Your CV / resume will be forwarded to the internship workplace if you become one of FUF’s recommended candidates. Do not forget to list all your qualifications such as language, voluntary commitment, which software you master, etc. Keep in mind that not everyone knows what your particular university program equips students with. Please give examples of classes, methods and / or the like.

4. Attached personal letter/cover letter.

Your cover letter will be forwarded to the internship site if you become one of FUF’s recommended candidates. The letter should not mention one single workplace/position as it will restrict the internships you can be recommended to. We can, after receiving your application, receive new ads for internships which are relevant to you and it will be difficult to pass on your application if it is addressed to a different workplace. You have the opportunity to list the workplaces/ internships you are most interested in in the online form. The cover letter can include information on why you want an internship position, what your previous experience / skills are, what you can contribute with, what your areas of interest are/ desire to learn more about. Read many internship ads. They often asked for the same kind of experiences, such as communication, analytical skills and experience in administration. Explain not only that you have the experience you have, but give examples and explain how you got them.

Make an online application via our online form!

Applications can be submitted throughout the year. FUF has no deadline for internship applications. We receive, throughout the year, inquires from agencies, organizations and companies who wish to get interns through FUF. These inquiries are continuously posted as ads in “Praktikbanken”. Keep an eye on the website or follow us on Twitter / like us on Facebook to see all new internships. In “Praktikbanken” you can see which internships are available and which are already filled. The ads have no deadline and the positions is not filled as long as it is not stated in the ad.

About the screening process

Once you submit your application you will be notified that we have receive it. FUF then make sure you meet the basic requirements and that you have paid the membership fee. The application is then processed and FUF makes an assessment of qualifications and experience. The assessment include evaluation of, among other things, number of passed university credits, how many of these credits are on development-oriented topics, active voluntary involvement within organizations working with development issues, language skills and experience from developing countries. All these factors are taken into account and based on the merit assessment candidates are matched with the requirements of the different internship positions.

Those who are chosen as recommended candidates for an internship will be notified by e-mail (3-4 recommended candidates are sent from FUF to the internship workplace). You may be recommended to several internships. Anyone who is not chosen as a recommended candidate for an internship will remain in intern database during one year (unless something else is specified in the application), but will not be contacted. Would a suitable internship appear further on FUF will contact you.

FUF’s recommended candidates are sent over to the internship workplace that then chooses which candidates should be called for interview and also take the final decision regarding the internship. Depending on the workload at the receiving workplace, it may take some time before those who have been chosen as recommended candidates, are contacted.

If you are a non-Swedish speaker, please be aware of the specific language requirements in the different ads. Most ads are written in Swedish and many internships require fluent Swedish.

When should I apply?

The internships ads have no deadlines, but as the internships run during the spring and fall semesters the recruitment for the fall semester takes place in the spring and recruitment for the spring term take place in the autumn. FUF can receive last minute internships and it is therefore never too late to send in an application! Note that FUF has closed between about approx. 1/7 – 8/15 and 20/12 – 10/1.

When are internships published?

As soon as we receive an ad from one of the companies / organizations / agencies we work with we publish them on our website.

Can I apply for internship even if I pay the membership fee on the day that I can apply?

Yes! But your application will not be part of our practice bank until the membership fee has been registered in our system.

Do I need to send proof that I have paid the membership fee?

No. Once you pay, we get notice of it within about 5 days. Do not forget to write your name and email address on the payment! If you pay online, you can send us an email with this information if it does not fit in the message area. You will receive a confirmation email from us once your payment has been registered.

How many internships do you offer?

On average about 35 positions per semester. FUF usually get around 150 internship applications from students per semester.

Do you have to be a member of FUF to apply for internships?

Yes. The membership fee for students is 150: – and regular membership 200 -, is transfered to bank giro number 702-4532 .

Will you not process my application if I have not paid the member fee?

Are you not FUF member at the time of application, we first send you a reminder. If you still do not pay the fee, we will not process your application.

Do you have to be a university student to apply?

The workplaces receiving interns requires that the interns are enrolled in a internship course provided by any of the Swedish universities. This means that the student can get credits for the internship, is ensured through the university and have the possibility to finance the internship period with loans/grants from CSN.

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to receive general applications from job seekers or students at other levels than college / university.

Do I have to speak Swedish fluently to get an internship?

No. Most of the organizations/companies/agencies who offer internships require fluent Swedish, but not all.

How do you choose interns?

We make a merit assessment of all applications and based on this we match candidates with internships. The assessment is based on the requirements and qualities / skills asked for by the workplaces (this may include: language, subject knowledge, international experience, number of credits completed, experience in specific areas such as communication, administration, finance, etc.). Then we propose the interns we have selected for the organization / authority / company and the final decision (often after an interview) is made at the workplace.

What is an advantage in the selection process?

In addition to an assessment of how well the candidate’s profile matches the requirements of the workplace, we also examine how many university credit applicants have and how many of those credits are in development-oriented topics. We look at active voluntary involvement in development oriented organizations (not passive memberships), language skills and ability to express themselves and experience of developing countries, such as through volunteering, MFS, longer trips and the like. All these factors are weighed in the assessment.

Why should I submit data on completed credits?

So that we can make an accurate assessment of your qualifications and so that we see that you are eligible to seek internship (the last point must not be more than a year old).

There is no specific time for an internship I want to apply for. How will I know when the internship starts I get that internship?

If you are selected for an internship where there is no exact time specified, you and your supervisor agree on when it may suit you both the best.

Will I be notified when you have received my application?

Yes. However, only those who are subsequently recommended as candidates for an internship will get further notice. See below.

How long does the processing take?

It depends on when you submit your application. Many of our internships are semester based and appointments are related to this (spring for fall practices and autumn for spring practices). You will be notified when your internship application has been received and contacted if you become one of FUF’s candidates for an internship.

I have not received any reply from you, did I not get an internship then?

Your application is active in our database for one year (if you did not enter anything else in your application), from that we send out a confirmation email. Should we receive any internship that matches your experience, interests and qualifications we will contact you. When a specific internship position is filled we write this in the ad on our website. If you are no longer interested in internships, please let us know and we will remove you from the database.

Who will pay me during the internship?

The internships are completely unpaid. It is required that you are enrolled in an internship course offered by any of the Swedish universities or colleges because then you also have the opportunity to get CSN during internship period.

I’m not a Swedish citizen but studying this year at a Swedish university. Can I apply for internship?

Yes. However, note that you have to be enrolled in an internship course and that most internships require fluent Swedish in speech and writing.

Did not find the answer to your question? Email us at praktik@fuf.se!

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